For Sale

​MAY 2021

Below you will find details of what we currently have available for sale - both livestock and produce.

To order from us, please contact us  so that we can discuss your requirements. 



Aged black and white rams.  ( 2 shear and 3 shear )

Black and White Shearling rams.

Ram lambs (later on)


Black and white Shearling ewes.

Ewe lambs. (later on )


As yet we haven't got a firm date for clipping but hope it will be by late May/early June

Please mail us to place an order for this years clip. Last year demand outstripped supply  so we cannot guarantee to fill any large orders completely but will do our best to allocate fairly, priority being given to regular customers. 

After shearing it takes some time to prepare the fleeces for sale so we will start having orders ready by July I hope!. We normally have some washed fleece available but if, we have it at all ,it will later still.

Any orders for this years clip will not be processed until the fleece is sorted. Let us know what you would like and we'ii do our best.


When ordering it would help if you let us know what you were planning to use the fleece for  and the staple length you require - some locks are very tighly crimped and others are more open and easier for spinners whilst felters often look for long, crimped locks.

Occasionally we sell separated locks in small quantities raw or washed to order.

Raw Fleece

All shearling  fleeces are washed on the sheep with cold water.

All other fleeces have had daggings, dirty skirting, matted and crayon marked wool removed. It is generally pretty clean though some ram fleece will need a wash.

All fleece is bagged in polythene bags, and labelled with weight, staple length, cost and comment on the type of fleece.

We sell raw wool by the whole fleece. It is priced per kilo by the quality of the wool. Weights are between 2.5 and 5 kg.

Shearling fleece,( the first fleece from a sheep clipped as a yearling) is the longest fleece (staple 10" - 14'') is more expensive than fleece from an older ewe which becomes shorter as the ewe ages

A  2- shear or 3- shear fleece is often very nice with a shorter staple but often biggger more open curls ( staple 6" - 10")

 A fleece from the older sheep will generally be less in weight and a staple length of 5" - 8"

Washed Fleece

We may wash a few fleeces by hand and sell them in small quantities.


Every bag has a label with the following information:

Sheep:  Identification ear number  eg . G 737  or 18/ 123 .( If in this form the 18 is the year born) . If a black/ white ewe (BE / WE) ,  a black shearling tup  ( BShT) etc  a white tup (WT) etc . 

Grade: Our own classification for the fleece based on the length of staple, the crimp, colour, strength, handle , uniformity along the staple and throughout the fleece from A+++ 9 very, very nice ,to A, a good quality fleece, to C, a useful fleece for general purpose , possibly holding together a bit ( though not felted) or very fine, or  uneven length staple , or  marked,  etc

Staple : the length of a strand of fleece in inches , straight not pulled out. There is a variation of this in any fleece but gives a good indication of the length.

Weight: of the pack of fleece in kgs.

Price: in pounds stirling (£,  GBP ) including VAT


When I have the fleece ready for sale I will contact you with a list of the fleece I have to offer you, and if you agree with the details I will pack your order, weigh and measure the parcel to get a quote from the courier  ( I use different ones to get the best price for destination of the parcel) and invoice you. The invoice will be in GBP.  The price quoted on the label includes VAT. 

 For Zero rated countries  (eg USA, Canada ) the invoice will not contain VAT. The situation for the EU is changing. When it is sent we may be required to charge VAT,  or the requirement may be that no VAT is charged by us  and you will be required to pay your countries tax when the parcel is delivered . Business customers will continue as before with no VAT charged at this end. The price for P&P will include insurance.

The price for the wool will be agreed with you before I issue an invoice but may vary from the prices quoted below. For UK buyers please let me know if you require a VAT invoice.


Payment can be by any of the following methods.    Details will be on the invoice.

BACS Please ensure that the invoiced amount is paid into our account - any bank charges are are to be paid by the buyer.
CHEQUE Allow a few days for the cheque to be cleared before posting.
PAYPAL Unless you are friends or family please add 5% to the final amount to cover paypal charges.


Because we make a great effort to ensure that your fleece is in the best possible condition before packing it, we will not consider a refund unless the fleece is returned to us in the same condition and weight as it was when sent. 


Please note that these are only a guideline taken from last years prices. We will price the wool after clipping but let you know any changes to this price before you commit to buying.

Note: Fleece prices here are inclusive of VAT ( to work out price without the VAT tax divide by 1.2, for example, Main flock prices before VAT added. £13.33 -£20

You should also note that the price per kilo for raw fleece is for the whole fleece. If you require smaller quantities we add 15% to the price per kilo.

Washed fleece is priced by weight.  Prices are the same for black or white fleece. This is the price per kilo for a whole fleece.

Raw Fleece: whole fleece- prices per kilo   GBP inc VAT
Main Flock.   £16 - £24 .
  Very good (A++ and A+++, mostly 2 or 3 shear  £28 - £32  
Shearlings     £28 - £32.
  Very good, (. very long or show fleeces)  £34 upwards


This will price a good average fleece at £50 - £80 and shearling from £90 upwards . Smaller quantities  are priced separately depending on length, quality of fleece and whether it has been sorted for separate locks

Washed fleece.

Not always available

White and natural coloured.     £2 - £4 / 50 gm 
Dyed     £1.00/. 10gm
 Pony tails ( long single locks ).  Raw £2.00 - £3.00 /20gm
  washed £3.50 - £4.00 / 20gm
  dyed £3.50. / 20gm
Rainbow curls  ( short curls each lock dyed separate colours).   £3.00 /20gm
Natural grey curls   £3.00 / 20gm